Quite often, the customer needs to deliver the UAE small consignment. Ordered separately transportation in this case is not economically profitable, since the value of the goods is negligible. The Emaross company In this such cases offers use service on the organization of delivery of cargoes from our warehouse.

Groupage- a cargo is consisting of several goods belonging to different customers requiring delivery in one and the same place. Cargo delivery combines the reliability and convenience with speed and efficiency, which causes its popularity in worldwide.

This delivery of cargoes takes place quickly and the cost of transportation is not high. The main advantage of this type of service - a significant reduction in material costs with low freight shipments.

Groupage cargo involves the following steps:

  • receiving your goods to our consolidation warehouse in the UAE. You can independently deliver the goods to our warehouses or entrust us with the organization of this process
  • processing and preparation of cargo for onward dispatch
  • packaging, if there is a need and marking of goods
  • storage of goods until the formation of a complete batch of combined cargo
  • preparation of necessary documents for general cargo
  • delivery of cargoes to our warehouses in St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • delivery of cargoes to all another cities of the Russian Federation
  • combined cargo shipping to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Detailed information about the services you can get by contacting our managers at the following numbers or e-mail:


p.o.box: 21744, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates,
mob: +971 50 632-99-80
Tel: + 971 6 532-33-61
fax: + 971 6 532-92-28
e-mail: emaross@emaross.com

Company Emaross Group will deliver your goods in different ways to choose from:

Urgent air cargo  2-3 days
Normal air cargo  8-12 days
Sea Cargo (container) 30-40 days