Sea transportation of cargo is very common type of transport, behind only the delivery of goods by railway. Cargo thus transported in containers that provide maximum safety product. This kind of transportation, especially for cargoes is very attractive because it allows significantly reduce the cost of delivery.

By sea cargo can be transported to any size, mass, volume. In some cases, transport by sea, may be the only option for delivery of the goods, unless the destination / departure no land roads.

Transit time in the way of:

  • China 40 - 50 days
  • United Arab Emirates 30 - 40 days

Our company also offers air transport of goods from UAE and anywhere.

Transit time to the warehouse at St. Petersburg (Moscow) - up to 10 days.

Your task is to send the goods to the specified address in Finland, and we'll bring your goods to their destination.

In this case, the transit time to St. Petersburg (Moscow) will be only 2-4 days.

All information must clarify our managers by phone:

UAE: 97 150 632-99-80,
Russia: 7911 200-20-26
or by email: