Below prices for the most popular groups of goods transported:

Sea shipment: *

Air shipment: *

Textile from $ 1.50./kg Textile from 5.50 dollars./kg.
Auto parts from US $ 2.60./kg Auto parts from US $ 7.50./kg.
Sewing accessories: from US $ 2.50./kg. Sewing accessories: from US $ 6.50./kg.
Furniture (case) from US $ 2.60./kg.  
Light fittings from 2.60 dollars./kg. Light fittings from 6.50 dollars./kg.
Upholstered furniture, from 3.20 dollars./kg.  
Carpets from 2.80 dollars./kg Carpets from 6.0 dollars./kg.


* For more precise calculation of the price, it is in your case, we will need to send a detailed description: product name, quantity, material manufacturing, trade brand, country of origin, weight and volume. Final freight cost generated by our managers individually, taking into account the frequency and volume of shipments.

* Price given with account of all costs from the UAE - to Moscow (St. Petersburg)

* Package (if necessary) and the cost of processing the invoice ($ 35.) - Are considered separately

* According to the customer cargo may insure If necessary - it is considered separately